Sunday, May 13, 2018

Minor Changes on My Blogs

Laws have changed in the European Union that have to do with some elements on my blogs, so I’ve removed those elements to comply. I hope these removals haven’t inconvenienced you. Do know that I welcome you all to read these blogs. Goodlife

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dream Helper

Have you ever had this experience? You're having a dream that's distressing and you're having a hard time waking up. It's not exactly what you would call a nightmare. It's just that you're having a hard time waking up from this dream and you sort of drag yourself - you force yourself to wake up. 

It doesn't feel like forcing yourself but after you wake up you can feel it was a struggle. This usually happens when you only have that dream once - and the dream is strange. For example, sometimes it might just be that you were trying to clean something or there was something you had to do and it was a struggle but it's not what you would call a nightmare. 

Very often what's going on in this case is that you are, for that moment sharing somebody else's dream who is having a hard time waking up and that dream is bothering them. Perhaps it is a dream they often have or perhaps it is a memory of something that would trouble them but it is not troubling to you, though it may seem strange. What happens is, for a moment you share that dream and you - by your ability to wake up help them to wake up

These situations these days are more likely to happen because you are all being reminded that you are really literally one family. It is as if you are portions of one being and yet it is like a close family. 

Sometimes this family experience extends into places you wouldn't normally expect it to, such as dreamtime and as a result you have the opportunity to help out a fellow human being through a moment of discomfort. 

You probably do not know this person and you will probably never meet them but it is possible that you will have been around them briefly or have seen them at a distance and perhaps even felt compassion for them for some reason. And thus this compassion will allow you - it really is a favor that you do for someone else you see - it will allow you to help them through a troubling moment. 

You're not allowed by spirit and by your soul and by your guides and teachers to really engage with the person because they have a different path from you but you are allowed to help them out in this moment which may seem trifling to you but to them it is a burden and they appreciate so very much the ability of being able to wake up when this dream often goes on and on for them and it just gets more and more uncomfortable. 

So you see how you are helping each other out these days in ways that sometimes seem small but to others seem very large indeed. 


Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm not sure what I'm going to post here but I will come up with something.